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Photography by INGUAT

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AMAZING ECO-TOURS opened its doors in 2001 with the objective of promoting the marvels of our country, which is full of magic and energy.  We not only have spectacular natural beauty but also a marvelous climate, impressive landscapes, warm hospitality and the incredible richness of many cultures.  You will discover an astounding mix of Mayan civilization with magnificent colonial cities, crystalline waters, lakes without equal, majestic caves and a grand diversity of flora and fauna.   

AMAZING ECO-TOURS is more than just a tour operator.  We will give you responsible advice so that you experience an unforgettable safe and relaxing trip.  AMAZING ECO-TOURS will do everything possible to ensure that your dreams become reality.  

AMAZING ECO-TOURS is a socially responsible tour operator that supports communities to develop local tourism and we strongly promote environmental conservation in all our activities. 



was created with the intention of providing personalized, luxury tours.  Each trip is considered a special project and it is designed with your interests in mind.  Each itinerary is prepared with much care taking the time to get it just the way you ask for it to achieve perfect harmony during the visit.  Our goal is to give our customers the excellence that they deserve.   
We offer you adventure, cultural, and/or archeological expeditions that can be combined in any way you choose.  You can feel confident that all our service providers are highly qualified professionals.  Our desire is that you fully enjoy every minute of your vacation.